30-Pound Tumor Disguised as Stubborn Belly Fat Removed From Man

30-Pound Tumor Disguised as Stubborn Belly Fat Removed From Man

Stubborn belly fat that was making Kevin Daly frustrated turned out to be a 30-pound tumor that was taking up most of his abdominal cavity. 

Daly, 63, had heart surgery in December 2015 but even losing 34 pounds did not make his stomach any smaller. Finally, doctors did a CAT scan in October 2017 and found the massive tumor.

“For a second I was vindicated, and then I was completely panicked, because when a doctor says that you have an extremely large mass, you assume that you have a cancerous tumor growing in your stomach,” Daly told People. 

Doctors removed the mass and one of Daly’s kidneys that the tumor had encased, and they think he will be fine.

“Although these tumors are large and malignant, they grow slowly and tend to not metastasize,” Dr. Julio Teixeira, who removed Daly’s tumor, told People. “Often there’s a very good prognosis.”

Daly does not currently need chemotherapy or radiation, but he is being monitored in case the tumor comes back, WCVB reported.

“I feel tremendous,” Daly said two months after having the growth removed. “I had lost a tremendous amount of weight already. … It feels really, really good. It’s made me feel 35 again.” 

“It’s important that people listen to their bodies, and are in tune with your bodies, because often, your instincts are right,” Teixeira said, People reported. “If you have a sudden weight loss … if you see an abnormal symmetry with your body, those are things that you should bring to the attention of your doctor.”

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