60-Day May-July KetoDiet Challenge 2018

60-Day May-July KetoDiet Challenge 2018

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Hi Friends, are you ready for the next challenge?

The next KetoDiet challenge starts on Monday, May 14th and you can now sign up and join!

Why Join the KetoDiet Challenge?

Completely FREE to join with no monthly payments!
Online tracking tool to help you monitor your progress during the challenge
Quick access to FREE tools (guides & tips, three diet plans, keto calculator, and more)
Our 670+ low-carb, keto, paleo & primal recipes will help you stay on track
50% off both of my Premium 30-Day Keto Diet Plans
Members-only community to offer advice, support and motivation
$3,000 Giveaway after the challenge ends in July
Anyone can join no matter where they live or what their goal is. The KetoDiet Challenges are not just about losing weight. Each participant can set their own target. Five winners will be chosen based on overall accomplishment and their commitment to healthy eating, not based on the number of pounds lost.
How To Join

If you are new to KetoDiet Challenges, please, make sure you click on “Create a free account” when signing up. If you already have a KetoDiet account, simply sign in.

Once you sign in, make sure to join the current challenge here: 60-Day May-July KetoDiet Challenge

If you want to be included in the our $3,000 giveaway, make sure you join us by Monday, 14th May. If you join after this deadline, you can still follow the challenge, but you won’t qualify for the giveaway.

50% Off Premium Keto Diet Plans (challenge participants only)

When you join the KetoDiet Challenge, you will get 50% off my two 4-week keto diet plans (no purchase is required to join the challenge).

Both of our diet plans are optimised for accelerated fat loss and are ideal for women. If you are dairy-free, check out my 4-Week Keto & Paleo Diet Plan. If you can eat dairy, check out my 4-Week Keto & Primal Diet Plan that includes full-fat dairy.

To get the discount, find more information in “Tools” after your sign up and join the challenge.

Rules for Uploading Photos to Ensure Fairness

If you want to take part in the giveaway, you’ll need to follow the rules for uploading ‘before’ & ‘after’ photos. To read more about uploading photos:

Go to the KetoDiet Challenge Home page – scroll down to see the full list of rules and guidelines.
Rules for uploading photos are also displayed in the Giveaway section when you submit your “before” photos (before the challenge) and “after” photos (results after the challenge). You will see the full list when you click on “upload” in the Giveaway section.

Giveaway Worth $3,000 for Our 5 Winners!

As always, there will be a giveaway at the end of the challenge in July and five winners will get prizes worth $3,000 USD!

Note: As an alternative to the listed prizes, the winners will have the option to choose an Amazon voucher.

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