Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Back, but Not 100% Back After Heart Surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Back, but Not 100% Back After Heart Surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger still isn’t back 100 percent following heart surgery, but the 70-year-old action star and former California governor said in a video tweet on Thursday that he’s feeling better.

Schwarzenegger thanked fans for their support and detailed his recovery after the March 29 operation at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, per USA Today.

Thank you all for caring. We are moving forward!
— Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) April 12, 2018

“I just want you to know that I’m feeling much better,” Schwarzenegger said in the video. “I can’t say, even with my positive attitude, that I’m great, because I’m not great yet. Great is a totally different level. But I’m good. I feel good. I get good care, good doctors, good nurses. Everything is fantastic.”

“I’m here at a chessboard playing a little bit of chess here to freshen my mind and my memory a little bit. And we move forward. So I will stay in touch with all of you. And thank you all for being such jewels.”

Entertainment Weekly said Schwarzenegger’s March surgery was the result of complications from a planned heart valve replacement for the original put in back in 1997 because of a congenital heart defect.

“That 1997 replacement valve was never meant to be permanent, and has outlived its life expectancy,” Schwarzenegger spokesman Daniel Ketchell told The Washington Post in March, adding that his pulmonic valve “was successfully replaced” in the surgery.

Fans showered Schwarzenegger with get well wishes on social media.

You are getting better ! I’m so happy to see that ! NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!! You got this !
— Bobbi Kate (@1BaaadBobbiKate) April 12, 2018

I was watching Twins after so many years and just saw your tweet Arnie; you’re such an inspiration. Never give up!
— Gürkan Gürak (@RustySly) April 13, 2018

I am very happy to see you, thank
Thank God for your safety
— الاكوان المتعددة (@Andromedafaisal) April 13, 2018

Glad to hear you’re getting better, fantastic news.
It wouldn’t be the same without you.
You will be back !!!
— Chris grassby (@GrassbyChris) April 13, 2018

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