Benefits Of Rosehip Oil for Skin, Hair and Nails –

Benefits Of Rosehip Oil for Skin, Hair and Nails –

If you’re like the majority of people out there, when it comes to our skin, we have historically opted for your typical “drug store” products. It’s easy right? All you have to do is read that fancy blurb on the back of the packaging and it will tell you everything you need to know.

Though some of these products can contain good essential ingredients for your skin, the cheaper the product, usually, the less of these vitamins they contain.

Rosehip oil and other essential and carrier oils are rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids for your skin.

So the question is, do we really need to spend hundreds of dollars to deliver the vitamins we are told we need to look after our skin? It’s a well known fact there are many synt
hetic or chemically derived vitamin C A and E solutions in skin care products. What has become apparent in recent times is the awareness that not all of these ingredients are good or safe – especially long term. More and more people are questioning why they would want to apply harmful substances to their skin and instead started seeking natural alternatives like vitamin C rich Rosehip oil – to chemically derived active ingredients. Thankfully there are now many more natural products are available on the market, at more affordable prices.

Some products (with the exception of Rosehip oil) may cost a little more than your average drug store product to buy a naturally derived active ingredient based product, but the benefits over and above their synthetic counterparts are numerous.

Essential and carrier oils have been used since ancient times to nourish and heal skin, and treat a whole range of health related conditions. Aromatherapy benefits of essential oils are widely known (and clinically proven too).

One of the essential oils you should be looking for in skincare products is Rosehip oil. Many skin care products tout the benefits of vitamin C for anti-agin. Rosehip oil is extremely high in vitamin C, but it also offers many other lesser known benefits.

Tracing back generations the Andean Indian of Chile recognised the many health benefits that they could enjoy from using Rosehip oil.

Benefits of Rosehip oil for skin, hair and nails:
– Hair Rejuvenation.
– Skin Rejuvenation.
– Treating Scars.
– Strengthening Nails.
– Anti-aging

Rosehip Oil For Hair Rejuvenation
Especially in the warmer months, the sun and salt from the beach tends to dry out our hair, leaving us in desperate need for a deep conditioning treatment. Rosehip oil is going to become your new best friend. Warm up the oil in a small bowl, and then massage it through your hair, especially on those dry a brittle ends. Leave it in for an hour or so and then when you wash it out you will find your hair will have the softness back, as well as adding bounce and shine back into your locks.
Rosehip Oil For Skin Rejuvenation
Reshape oil contains a high amount of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 (linolenic acid) and Omega 6 (Linoleic acid) which have been proven to bring moisture back into your skin. Rosehip oil is great for a variety of skin types and contained in many skin treatment products. Containing vitamin A, which is great for creating that fresh faced glow.
Rosehip Oil For Treating Scars
Scaring is just proof of the things we have been through and conquered, but sometimes they aren’t the most attractive parts of our bodies. Rosehip oil offers many skin nourishing properties that help our bodies speed up the healing process, moisturising and hydrating the scarred area.
Rosehip Oil For Strengthening Nails
Long nails are becoming the new trend, but fake nails have their downsides, as well as cost and the possibility of damaging your real nail. So how about growing your nails into long and healthy nails? I know for me, nails are my weakness, because mine are brittle and break easily. Sound familiar? Rosehip oil works wonders in strengthening the nail and making it less prone to breakage. Just massaging it into your nails once a week will help the process of growing your nails less of a nightmare.

Rosehip Oil For Anti-Aging
Unfortunately ageing comes with some difficulties, such as wrinkles, discolouration and spots. We love our youthful features, so maintaining them as long as possible is a high priority on many peoples lists. We love soaking up that Vitamin D that the sun provides us, but unfortunately this can play a role in decreasing collagen. Rosehip oil contains Vitamin C and plenty of antioxidants, which can help counteract this, as well as removing redness and skin irritation.

Homemade Anti-Aging Serum With Rosehip Oil:
1tsp Jojoba oil.
1tsp Rosehip seed oil.
1tsp Pomegranate seed oil.
1tsp evening primrose oil.
20 drops frankincense essential oil.
10 drops carrot seed oil.
3 Vitamin E capsules.
1-ounce bottle with a dropper cap.
Taking a small and dark colored bottle, combine all your set ingredients by shaking the bottle gently.
Apply 2-4 drops into your hand and massage into your face, chest and neck nightly.

There are many natural oils, such as Rosehip oil that can have many great benefits for your skin, nails and hair. Doing a bit of research is always a great idea. You don’t need to be an expert but just knowing the basic ingredients and what they can do for you can help with your understanding of what your skin needs, as well as understanding some of that mumble-jumble on the back of products. Becoming more knowledgable with what you are putting on your skin will help you in giving your skin the best treatment it deserves.

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