New Tracking Options Are Now Available in KetoDiet

New Tracking Options Are Now Available in KetoDiet

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Hi Friends, I have great news for you!

After several months in development and beta testing, a new update of KetoDiet & KetoDiet Basic for iOS (iPhone/ iPad) has been released. Make sure you have the latest version by launching App Store and switching to the Updates tab.

Although this is an iOS only update, we’ve been working on Android and will release an update in the next few weeks.

What’s New?

New tracking features

Your daily view is now expanded into different tabs where you can track your meals, water intake, body stats, readings and more. We have improved the Planner overview to give you a summary of your planned days at a glance.

Daily notes, mood & energy levels

Advanced tracking

Ketone levels (breath, blood and urine)
Blood glucose levels (fasting and postprandial)
Blood lipids (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides)

Daily water intake

Ingredients enhancements

The ingredient list has been changed to display net carbs ‘per amount’ (i.e. as defined) rather than the normalised ‘per 100 grams’ value. Displaying the normalised value has caused some confusion amongst users so we decided to change it.

Additionally, when viewing the nutritional data of an ingredient, you can now change the reference amount. In other words, you can quickly switch between 1 cup, 100 grams, 1 tbsp etc.

Adding multiple ingredients to the Planner

When adding a single ingredient to your day (Quick Meal or scanning the barcode) you’ll be asked if you want to repeat and add another one. This reduces the number of steps required to add multiple ingredients to your day. Using single ingredients rather than meals is a pattern we often see and many users prefer to do that.

Improved progress charts

Every chart now includes a legend that offers a direct way to edit or add new data points directly from Progress. This of course applies to data items that you can input directly and not data that is calculated, i.e. net carb limit, body stats, readings, mood, energy and water.

New how-to guide

Based on several requests, we created a new online guide on how to use the KetoDiet app. You can find it under Help > How to use KetoDiet. This guide will be updated as new features are added. Although it is focused on iOS, most of it also applies to Android as well.

New unit settings

With new tracking features for ketone, blood glucose and lipids, we have expanded our settings to provide a wider selection of measurement units. Additionally, you can now change units directly from Progress and from any keyboard that allows you to enter data in multiple units.

Improved date picker (calendar view)

We re-designed our date picker (calendar) to make it easier to select dates and date ranges. We now highlight days that have data including meals, body stats, etc.

Want to help us take KetoDiet to the next level?If you find our Apps useful, please, leave a review on the AppStore/ Google Play. It’s the best thing you can do to support us.Thank you!

Future features

Unify KetoDiet Meals with KetoDiet blog meals so that any filtering can be applied universally
Allergy filtering options
Apple HealthKit & Watch support
Custom Ingredients: adding custom serving sizes and being able to specify values per slice, tablespoon, cup, etc.
Enable cloning & editing KetoDiet Meals
Add option for recipe notes in custom meals so that you have all you need to make your favourite recipe (instructions, cooking time etc.)
Universal search across all recipes, meals and ingredients when adding them to the Planner
Basket: improvements when adding meals from the Planner so they always list minimum amounts required to make a recipe, even if you only eat one serving in a given period of time.
Integration with KetoDiet diet plans: my free and premium keto diet plans with just one click
KetoDiet Challenges & community integration
More tracking options: hunger, activity, etc.
Add nutrition facts to hundreds of recipes included in my cookbooks so you can quickly add them to the Planner
and more features can be found here

Features are driven by your feedback! Feel free to leave a comment if you have anything else you would like us to add and if it’s something we can do, we’ll do our best to implement it in future updates.

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