Sisters Sidestep Breast Cancer With Surrogacy

Sisters Sidestep Breast Cancer With Surrogacy

Randi Fishman received a gift of life from Erin Silverman, her older sister, who became a surrogate for Fishman after she was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago and had been cautioned against getting pregnant.

In December, Silverman gave her sister a new baby girl – a gift she felt “wasn’t a big deal,” People magazine reported.

“She’s my sister and I’m able to have children, it’s 10 months out of my life, why shouldn’t I?” Silverman said. notes that surrogacy is a lengthy process that requires emotional, physical and psychological screenings and it could affect the relationship within a family dynamic.

Fishman was 28 when she was told that she had breast cancer in 2011. She had a double mastectomy, and at the time had 10 embryos frozen in hopes of becoming pregnant in the future. However, after a breast cancer recurrence, doctors advised against that.

Two years later, Fishman and her husband were able to find a surrogate in Wisconsin, who gave birth to their first daughter in 2014.

When the couple wanted to grow their family her sister Erin offered to be a surrogate.

“It was awful when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at such an early age and I felt horrible she was not able to have kids,” Silverman said.

Her sister was moved by the act of compassion.

“I just feel so lucky, I’m going to cry,” said Fishman. “Going through a couple years of so much, it’s literally the best gift anyone could have given me and for it to be my sister is that much more amazing, it was all worth it in the end.”

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