Twin Sisters in Noted OCD Case Die in Apparent Suicide Pact

Twin Sisters in Noted OCD Case Die in Apparent Suicide Pact

Twin sisters in a noted OCD case involving deep brain stimulation three years ago were found dead from gunshot wounds last Friday, apparent victims of a suicide pact.

Sara and Amanda Eldritch, 33, who had been battling with obsessive-compulsive disorder since they were teens in Colorado, shot into the limelight when they became the first patients in the state to undergo deep brain stimulation to treat the disorder, The Washington Post reported.

Before then, the Post said, the debilitating disorder consumed them with disgust at everything around them, thinking everything was filthy and needed to be cleaned. They were incapable of holding jobs or maintaining friendships.

The following year the twins appeared on 9 News to talk about life after surgery and said they were seeing dramatic results.

However, their story ended abruptly when they were found dead in a vehicle near the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park in in Cañon City, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

According to Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, their deaths appear to have been a suicide pact.

Prior to the surgery, the sisters admitted they had considered suicide before, according to 9 News.

Their mother, Kathy Worland, said she had to stand back and watch the “agony and watch the turmoil and watch this process in their life and feel completely hopeless and helpless about it.”

Despite the previous suicide talk, their deaths came as a surprise after the sisters claimed to be seeing improvements in their condition following the surgery, according to a 2016 publication printed by Littleton Adventist Hospital, where they received the surgery.

“I feel like I can identify my anxiety,” Sara Eldritch had said. “I can actually see where it’s coming from. And I feel like I can deal with it.”

“I’m really excited to not feel like I’m at war with my own existence,” Amanda Eldritch added. “I can be functional enough to go get a job and make a difference. There’s a world out there I want to be a part of.”

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