Woman Hiding in Trailer Killed by Florida Lightning Strike

Woman Hiding in Trailer Killed by Florida Lightning Strike

A Florida lightning strike killed a woman and injured four others on Saturday as they hid from a storm in a travel trailer and the bolt struck a nearby tree.

Kourtney Lambert, 23, of Branford, Florida, died at Woodpecker Mud Bog in White Springs about 2:50 p.m. Saturday, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said, WTLV-TV reported.

A thunderstorm broke and people in the bog took cover, Hamilton County Sheriff Harrell Reid told WTLV-TV. Lightning then struck a tree and traveled to the trailer, where Lambert and others were hiding.

Reid told the Suwannee Democrat the trailer was about 25 to 30 feet away from the. Lambert said CPR was performed on Lambert and she was transported to a local hospital but never regained consciousness, the newspaper stated.

Authorities told WTLV-TV that one other person was transported to a hospital in Lake City, while two others involved were treated at the scene.

Lambert became the second person killed by lightning in the United States this year, according to National Weather Service data. The first incident happened Feb. 6 when Sebastian Ramos, 22, was killed while repairing fencing near Kountze, Texas in Hardin County, per KFDM-TV. His father was standing next to him and suffered second-degree burns.

National Weather Service data show that 39 people died of lightning strikes in 2016, the most in at least nine years. That number, though, dropped to 16 in 2017. July appears to be the most dangerous time for lightning strikes, with the National Weather Service reporting 97 fatalities since 2008.

June followed with 64 reported fatalities since 2008 and August with 53, according to the National Weather Service.

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